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Hi, fellow OTR big rig truck drivers, welcome to TruckerScape, Inc.’s Docktion® Mobile Knowledge Base of Local Directions to Docks!

As OTR drivers, we experience some costly frustrations in our profession.  One of these is finding docks, docks that we rarely go to or those that we have never been to before and might never go to again.  What really helps is when we get site-specific directions that are accurate, clear, complete and easy-to-understand and follow.  Docktion® Local Directions for Truckers by Truckers are the finest available.

Docktion® directions are more accurate, detailed and reliable than those from most customers and brokers.  They go beyond street address-driven GPS door-to-door directions and take you all the way to the docks, or to truck entrances at secured facilities.  Routes have been carefully driven, clocked and described by experienced OTR drivers.  Routes are presented in much the same way as a truck driver would describe a route to another driver.

Docktion® directions give you the local “lay of the land” and enable you to eliminate missed turns and avoid obstacles.  They eliminate doubt and guesswork.  They can greatly reduce turnarounds, late pickups and deliveries, accidents, stress on you and your customers, and fuel waste.  Our service provides additional value in not taking up the time of customers, dispatchers and drivers.  Available 24/7/365 via current and recent model cell phones and other internet-displayable devices, our service frees you from trying to reach busy customers during their work hours or depending on sketchy recorded directions.

Docktion® directions take into account such factors as tight turns, left turns versus right turns, missing/obscure street signs, bridge and power line heights and ditches.  With segment distances and landmarks provided for each turn, our directions are particularly helpful at night, in bad weather, or in other poor visibility conditions.

There is, of course, no substitute for your own experience.  However, review our directions before embarking and you will be prepared with a mental picture of your route that is the next best thing to having been there yourself.  Providing that high quality of service to you is our primary goal and focus.

Docktion® provides a constantly growing file of local truck routes to docks commonly visited by OTR drivers, mostly in urban, congested, hard-to-find, or otherwise problematic locations throughout the U.S.

In addition, we document other important knowledge about each site, including such items as shipping/receiving hours, whether an appointment is required and whether extended/overnight parking is available.

Our service is intended primarily for OTR drivers pulling 53’ and 48’ dry van and reefer trailers, but flatbed, regional and even local delivery drivers should find it valuable.  Depending on demand, our service may be expanded to other types of rigs and locations in the future.

Review additional information about Docktion® and check out our directions and other dock site knowledge while they are still free!

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