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While drivers rarely seem to overlook my truck when it is directly in front of them or close ahead in an adjoining lane, many seem oblivious to it as soon as they are in front or even alongside it. Often they are distracted by conversing on a cell phone or with one or more passengers, but they can also seem “locked in” to just the road in front of them or occupied with their own thoughts.

If you can train yourself, whenever a truck is near, to think “OK, here’s a truck… Now what, if anything, do I need to do to ensure the safety of my vehicle as much as possible?”, you will have mastered a vital fundamental skill. You should go through this observation and thought process no matter what else you are doing and/or thinking. Hopefully it becomes a habit—a process you can do “in the background” along with your other driving activities.

In routine situations you don’t have to be on high alert. Many times, such as in heavy traffic, there may be nothing for you to do. But at least you have consciously acknowledged the truck’s presence and are ready to act if necessary. You should keep an eye on any truck so long as it is “within range.”  We will discuss “range” and when and how to take action in future installments.


When you are driving close to a truck, think about what you need to do to be safe.

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