If You Take an Emergency Crossover on a Controlled Access Highway

Last Edited: November 11, 2016 // by TruckerScape, Inc.

A rare but hazardous and illegal maneuver that I’ve witnessed on an interstate was made by a personal vehicle driver, probably a tourist, who wanted to make a U-turn.  The driver slowed down in the left lane and then braked hard to take a crossover that was posted for use only by police and emergency vehicles.  Several other drivers and I bunched up behind him and then had to brake almost to a stop.  None of us had anticipated such a maneuver.  Luckily a rear end collision was averted.

If you ever need to change direction of travel on an interstate, I hope you will wait to take an exit ramp onto an overpass or underpass.  In the case of an extreme emergency when you absolutely have to turn around as soon as possible, you might try pulling over on the right shoulder with emergency flashers on just before you reach the crossover.  On many interstates the right shoulder will be wide enough to accommodate your personal vehicle but you will need to make sure of safe clearance.  Then wait for a break in traffic to use the crossover.  Just be aware that you could be cited by law enforcement, even if you manage a safe U-turn.


If you need to change direction of travel on an interstate, take an exit ramp onto an overpass or underpass instead of making a U-turn on a police and emergency vehicle crossover.

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