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I know that patience is a tough sell in our intense society.  Our rush hour traffic is filled with drivers intent on reaching destinations and getting things done as quickly as possible.  Many of these drivers in faster, more maneuverable personal vehicles don’t want to put up with my ponderous, slower-moving truck.  They impatiently take risky maneuvers to get past me (and other drivers in their way).

By nature, I am not a patient person.  But in my truck I have been forced to drive in a patient manner and have become more understanding around other trucks when I am in my car.  One goal of Tips for 4-Wheelers is to help you develop and exercise more patience, at least in specific situations around trucks, without your having to experience driving a truck.

There are situations in which I am virtually powerless to facilitate traffic movement or worse, to avoid a crash without help from you.  One example is when I’m backing to a dock off a surface street and I can’t see you approaching on my “blind side.”  In later chapters, we will detail instances such as this in which your patience can be instrumental in keeping both of us safe.

Also we will point out “green” opportunities in which you can help me maintain the best possible fuel “burn rate” to avoid unnecessary waste and additions to my already large “carbon footprint.”


Your patience around trucks can help keep you and their drivers safe and their trucks operating efficiently.

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