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As a truck driver, I am very much a defensive driver. I have to be, since I am a professional handling a very heavy machine that obviously cannot accelerate, stop or turn nearly as quickly as you in your personal car or truck. From accidents you drive by and news accounts, you can see the heavy damage a truck can cause. Collisions, rollovers and spinouts involving trucks are often spectacularly dangerous and fatal. So I am constantly controlling my truck according to traffic, road and weather conditions and striving to follow and obey road signs and laws. I know I have to watch out for other drivers and the myriad and sometimes risky and/or odd things they do.

I can’t do your driving for you, but I can often help you maneuver around me. Never forget however, that as observed in Don’t Expect Perfection, I am human. If you stay aware of my truck as described in Awareness, you are better able to help me by reacting as necessary and not just assuming I always can and will take care of situations. In summary, trust my professionalism and skill, but not to the detriment of your own observations and judgment.


Let truck drivers do their jobs, but stay prepared to help with your own observations and judgement.

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