When I Enter an Uncontrolled Access Highway

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Minor and back highways (with one lane in each direction, typically with no median separating the lanes and with surface street and/or driveway entries and exits) are often just a means for me to connect from one interstate or major highway to another.  On a few trips they serve as the most direct and cost-effective routes to a pickup or delivery destination.  I don’t drive on two-lane highways, even on national (US-XXX) highways any more than necessary and/or practical.

I almost always enter these highways from an interstate or other major highway.  I rarely have to enter them from a surface street or driveway.  One exception is when I have docked off such a highway to deliver freight to some small business.  In that situation, I may have spotting help (one or more customer employees holding up traffic and directing me) during the back to the dock and/or exiting the dock and re-entering the road.

Occasionally I have to connect from one minor or back highway to another one.  However this will typically happen at an intersection with a stop light or stop signs, so I rarely have to merge onto the destination highway.  However, to make a wide right or left turn at a controlled intersection, I may need to wait for vehicles in the opposing lane of the destination highway to clear.  Any help you can provide in that situation will be appreciated.

When I do have to merge onto a minor or back highway from an uncontrolled intersection, I do my best not to wedge my truck into the traffic stream.  Waiting for a significant break in traffic minimizes any braking required by drivers behind me.  Most drivers are understanding and patient if they have to slow down for me, and when possible I return the favor by helping them pass me.


Whenever possible, give a truck room to make a wide turn from one minor or back highway to another at a controlled intersection.

Be prepared to brake for trucks entering your highway from uncontrolled intersections.

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